Instagram and Gen Z: What You Need to Know

Approximately 40% of younger consumers now use TikTok and Instagram for their searches, increasing pressure on brands to reach Gen Z on social media. Research has shown that Gen Z views each social media platform as having its own specialty, changing how and why they engage with each app. While TikTok is entertaining and authentic, Instagram is seen as curated and informative. Here are some tips for engaging the younger generation on Instagram.

Keep the videos on TikTok, and the posts on Instagram.

With the popularity of TikTok, you may think that Gen Z wants to see video content on Instagram. In reality, much of Gen Z would prefer that video content stay on TikTok instead of on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram is recently updating the algorithm to favor Carousel posts instead of focusing so much on Reel content.

“I want to see posts. Not stories or reels but posts. I think using the original purpose of Instagram is much more impactful than trying to copy TikTok and their video platform.“

“I really like for social media to be unique and not so much like each other.”

Survey by Poole Thought Leadership

What Gen Z expects from brands.

What is Gen Z looking for when they engage with brands on Instagram? According to Barnes & Noble College, primarily three things:

  • Entertainment
  • Personal connection
  • Alignment with their social responsibilities

Gen Z also looks to Instagram for brand and product discovery. Barnes & Noble College found 80% of Gen Z follow and interact with brands online and 72% of those who engage are more likely to buy a product.

What Gen Z enjoys seeing from brands.

Young people want to see behind-the-scenes to gain better insight into the brand and brand ambassadors modeling purchases in real life.

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