What’s Trending: Generation Z’s Shopping Habits

Gen Z is the first generation that hasn’t known a world without smart devices, internet, or social networks and they are often referred to as digital natives. Generation Z, like all other generations before have their own shopping preferences. This young generation of shoppers spend about $830 billion a year in the United States and 75% say they spend more than half the money available to them every month. As this generation enters college it’s important to understand their unique shopping habits and cater to their expectations.

Surprisingly, despite their immersion in the digital era Gen Z still values the in-store experience. According to Euclid Analytics, 66% of Gen Z prefer to shop in-store because they like to see, hold, and try products before buying. In addition, 28% of these consumers want to engage with stores associates while shopping. Before entering a store, Gen Z identifies the products they want to purchase by browsing online; making online experiences equally as important as in-store.

With Gen Z set to hit 2.6 billion by 2020, there’s a lot of opportunity in understanding their shopping habits. Since this generation relies on both online and in-store, it’s important to provide a flawless omnichannel experience. The information you provide online and through social media will dictate whether they choose to shop in your store. Once Gen Z is in your store, only 47% of shoppers like to browse and 31% believe it is hard to find items they are looking for in a physical store. Make sure you are delivering personalized customer service, since 26% of Gen Z shoppers expect this during their shopping trip.

Sources: www.post-gazette.com, chainstoreage.com

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