4 Easy Tactics to Optimize Your Store

1. Create a Strategic Store Layout
Create an inviting atmosphere for students where they can browse or just hang out between classes. Design a path through the store that they can follow, starting with an inviting entrance. Pay attention to where you place products to entice students. Promote impulse purchases by grouping like items and display special products your students can look at and interact with.

Motivate students to stay longer by setting up seating areas where they can hang out or sit and do homework. Designated seating areas will encourage students to stay longer and take their time shopping.

There are many ways you can lay out your store for success. Continually innovate by switching up signage and displays to engage students. For more ideas on laying your store, check out this article:

2. Make Your Store a Destination
Give your students an experience they’ll remember by creating an in-store destination. Sales and discounts may get students in the door, but it doesn’t create long-term loyalty. Not only will an in-store destination keep students coming back, but they’ll bring their friends too.

There are a few different ways you can create an in-store experience. It can be as easy as taking products off the shelves and out of the box so students can get a hands-on experience with your products, which is something they can’t get online.

You can also offer food and drink while they shop from somewhere local. Host events or create workshops where students can get together, learn something new, and work with like-minded people. Keep students guessing by switching it up with some of these ideas:

3. Develop an Omnichannel Experience
Since 72% of young shoppers research online before they make a purchase, it’s important to have an online presence. Creating a seamless experience will help you reach students wherever they are searching online. Providing an omnichannel experience gives you a competitive edge over online-only retailers since students can buy directly from your store on campus.

This system makes shopping easy for students and will boost sales in your store. Learn more about omnichannel marketing here:

4. Offer In-Store Pickup
In-store pickup combines the ease of online shopping with immediate gratification. Offering in-store pickup gives students the option to avoid shipping fees and get their products the same day. This is an added convenience your students will love. Since your store is right on campus, they can easily pick up their packages between classes without needed a source of transportation. Learn more about in-store pickup and how it can benefit your store:

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