National Wellness Month: Our Sales Team Recommendations

What is our sales team recommending you stock to encourage wellness and well-being?

Check out what Brittany’s top picks are!

“I am a huge fan of the Takeya Tritan Plastic Motivational Water Bottle. It has motivational markings along the side to help you track your liquid intake. The extra wide handle lets you carry the bottle with ease. Stay hydrated Y’all!”

Image Credit: Takeya

“Shokz OpenRun Wireless Headphones are truly phenomenal!! These feature open-ear design, powered by patented 8th generation bone conduction technology, Bluetooth 5.1, and PremiumPitch™ 2.0+. Shokz allow for total awareness of surroundings and are bud-free. Stay safe and don’t miss a beat!”

Image Credit: Shokz

Check out what Karen’s top picks are!

“Add Oak and Reed’s tote bag to your yoga assortment. Everyone needs a way to carry their yoga mat, and this is a stylish way to do it. I love the added pockets to help keep your personal items organized.”

Image Credit: Oak and Reed

“It is usually later in the day when I have my free time and this New Balance reflective vest helps keep me safe while riding my bike or taking a walk or run!  I like that it is light weight and adjustable to fit most sizes and is affordable!”

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