National Wellness Month: Our Sales Team Recommendations

What is our sales team recommending you stock to encourage wellness and well-being?

Check out what Jordan’s top picks are!

Seems like everyone has an Apple Watch these days, and it’s a great way for students to keep an eye on their health and fitness. For students who are switching out bands to sport bands every time they hit the gym, Twelve South’s ActionSleeve are a great purchase! Easily push the Apple Watch body into the soft frame of ActionSleeve, strap on and go. The screen, crown and button remain fully accessible and functional. The best part? With tight and consistent skin contact, the heart rate monitor might even work better!

Jordan also recommends Globe’s Skateboards,

“I would have been all over those in my younger days.”

Video Credit: Globe

Skateboarding is a great form of exercise, self-expression, fun, and community. Not to mention, they are a sustainable commuting option for college students. Globe is committed to sustainability.

Check out what Christian’s top picks are!

“The entire RBX line is appealing to me with the entire assortment. I think it really speaks to the fitness at home or in the dorm. I especially like the weighted vest from them.”

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