3 Ways to Adapt in a Changing Retail Landscape

Today’s new digital consumers have very different expectations, and it can be challenging to keep up with their needs. It’s important to have a competitive edge in today’s evolving retail landscape. Here are three ways to make your store stand out and how to implement each tactic.

Educate Staff
It’s more important than ever to have a knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions students may have about products. This is a service they can’t find online, and shoppers are often going into stores to get more in-depth product knowledge before they buy. Becoming experts on your products will create loyal customers.

Establish an Online Presence
More than ever, students are choosing the convenience of shopping online versus in-store. It’s important to create an online presence for students so you have an advantage of both an online and in-store shopping option.

Provide an In-Store Experience
In a survey, GPShopper found that more than one-third of shoppers said they “feel nothing” when asked about their initial reaction after shopping in stores. When consumers feel indifferent about their shopping experience, they will just shop for the lowest price. Provide an experience that creates excitement for students.

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